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Bureau of Justice Assistance
The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) is a division of the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs.

Contact Center Crime Resources

Crime Research Centre (Australia)

Criminal Justice Net
A source for news and information of relevance to the criminal justice area.

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Criminology Resources on the Net

Death Penalty Information Center
The Death Penalty Information Center is a non-profit organization serving the media and the public with analysis and information on issues concerning capital punishment. Many reports, along with a wealth of statistics are available at this site.

Florida State University's criminal justice resource site
One of the oldest criminal justice resources on the web, this site consists mostly of links to other sites.

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

Justice Technology Information Network

Law and Society Association Home Page

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives
NCIA Provides research information about the criminal justice reform, including NCIA research results and publications.

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (Germany)

Microsoft's Justice Page

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service's Justice Information Center (JIC)

The National Institute of Justice
Sponsoring agency of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. The National Institute of Justice is a component of the Office of Justice Programs, which also includes the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and the Office for Victims of Crime.

Nordic Criminology Links

Preventing Crime: What Works; What Doesn't; What's Promising (the Sherman Report)
An insightful report about emerging issues in criminology and criminal justice.

Scarman Centre for the Study of Public Order

United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network

U.S. Department of Justice
Provides links to all DOJ agencies

Western (U.S.) Society of Criminology

Western Society of Criminology Student Paper Competition


Justice Statistics

Bureau of Justice Statistics
The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), a component of the Office of Justice Programs in the U.S. Department of Justice, is the primary source within the United States for criminal justice statistics.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
NACJD provides mostly data sets for secondary analysis for researchers interested in almost any aspect of American criminal justice.

Search, located in Sacramento, California, is formally known as the National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
Home of the on-line version of the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics -- the largest compilation of criminal justice statistics available anywhere.

U.S. Government Statistics

  Law Enforcement Resources


Directory of Law Enforcement Agencies

The FBI's home page on the Web
Lots of interesting links, including information on the latest statistics from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

FBI Law Enforcement Bulletins

Ira Wilsker's Law Enforcement Sites
An information rich site maintained by a dedicated professional in the law enforcement field. Well worth a visit.

Law Enforcement Links
A law enforcement guide to the WWW with a lot of sites.

N.C. State Bureau of Investigation
A site maintained by an exemplary state investigative agency.

The Police Guide
One of the largest police sites on the Internet.  

Courts and Law-Related Sites

California State Law and other legal information

Cornell's Legal Information Institute
A starting point for Cornell University's Legal Information Institute.

The 'Lectric Law Library
An excellent collection of on-line legal materials and resources.

The Legal Information Institute (LLI) at Cornell University
Another starting point for The Legal Information Institute. LLI provides both archived and contemporary Supreme Court opinions.

The Legal List

Legal OnLine

Ohio Northern University Law Library

The United States Code

U.S. Court of Appeals Federal Circuit

U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library

University of Chicago Law School Library

Virtual Law Library

Washburn University School of Law -- Virtual Law Library
A great law school site, with lots of links!  

Corrections Sites

The Corrections Connection
Voted a Microsoft "Outstanding Criminal Justice Site," the Corrections Connections provides links to almost any correctional organization in the country.

Federal Bureau of Prisons
The BOP site provides various selections, including: Quick Facts and Statistics, Weekly Population Reports, Program Statements (Policies), Inmate Information, and Employment Information.

The National Institute of Corrections
NIC is an agency under the U.S. Department of Justice. It provides assistance to federal, state, and local corrections agencies working with adult offenders.

  Victims of Crime

Victim-Offender Mediation Association

FBI Hate Crime Statistics

General Victims Assistance Information

National Organization for Victim Assistance

Violence, Public Health, and the Media

Violence Against Women

Date Rape Information

Domestic Violence

False Memory Syndrome Foundation

Fraternities and Rape -- Bibliography

Manavi South Asian Women's Organization Against Violence

Men Against Domestic Violence

Reclaim The Night

SafetyNet Domestic Violence The Organization

SafetyNet Domestic Violence -- The Resources

Sexual Harassment: What Every Working Woman Needs to Know

Sexual Abuse Survivors

Sexual Assault Information

Violence at Abortion Clinics  

Crime Prevention

Armed Robbery Page

Assault Prevention Information

National Fraud Information Center

National Graffiti Information Network

Partnerships Against Violence (PAVNET)
NCJRS say that PAVNET is "A Model of Internet Use."

The Stolen Bike Registry


The Counter-Terrorism Page

  Unsolved Crimes

America's Most Wanted

Another America's Most Wanted site

Crime Scene Evidence Files
Cases in which law enforcement agencies are asking for help

Unsolved Crimes
Solve unsolved crimes from around the country (rewards offered)


Forensic Media

Forensics Science Resources

Forensics Science Society

Forensics Web


The Federal Gang Violence Act

Gangs: A Bibliography

Gangs in the Schools

The National Youth Gang Center

Youth Gangs - Out of Control  

Juvenile Justice Sites

The American Bar Association's Juvenile Justice Center

The Academy for Educational Development

Child Quest International

Children's Defense Fund


Join Together Online

The Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse

National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD)
NCCD conducts research and initiates programs and policies to reduce crime and delinquency.

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

North Carolina Center for the Prevention of School Violence

SAMHSA's Treatment Improvement Protocols

Texas Youth Commission - Catalog of Programs

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Children and Youth Policy

Missing and Abused Children

National Center for Missing Children

National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse  

Live Feeds from Police Scanners (Requires Real Audio Player)

Here you'll find the latest live audio-enabled police sites.

The Plano, Texas, Police Department's Live Audio Feed

NYPD Live Feed

LAPD Live Feed

You can download Real Audio Player from  

International Resources

Australian Institute of Criminology
A great site from Down Under!

The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control (HEUNI)
Affiliated with the United Nations, HEUNI is the European link in the network of institutes operating within the framework of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program.

An extensive directory of legal resources in the United Kingdom, including government agencies, law schools, legal associations, and law publishers.

International Law Resources
Includes sections on the International Court of Justice, the law of the sea, codification, development and promotion of international law, international treaties, international trade law, and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

Office of International Criminal Justice

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

The Rule of Law Online
The Rule of Law Online is a model for the UN Online Crime and Justice Clearinghouse (UNOJUST) -- an information sharing and dissemination vehicle for the 14 regional and interregional institutes associated with the UN Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program.

Scotland Yard (United Kingdom)
Police of England.

United Nations Online Crime and Justice Clearinghouse (UNOJUST)
Provides links to services of to the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program and associated UN institutes.

United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network
Includes links to the UN Institutes of the crime program, UNOJUST, UN documents, the UN itself, statistical sources, country-specific information, and international laws, treaties, and member country constitutions.

World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems
Maintained by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the factbook provides narrative descriptions of the criminal justice systems of 42 countries around the world.


The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS)
The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences is an international organization established in 1963 to foster professional and scholarly activities in the field of criminal justice. ACJS currently has over 3,800 active members.

The American Bar Association, Criminal Justice Section

American Board of Criminalists

American Society of Criminology (ASC)

American Society of Industrial Security

Association of Public Safety Officers

Auxiliary and Reserve Police

California Association of Criminalists

High Technology Crime Investigation Association

International Narcotics Control Board

International Association of Chiefs of Police

International Association of Correctional Officers

International Association of Crime Analysts

International Association of Law Enforcement Planners

International Center for the Prevention of Crime

National Computer Security Association

National Drug Enforcement Officers Association

National Sheriffs Association

Society of Police Futurists International  

Criminal Justice Guides on the Web

The Criminal Justice World Wide Web Handbook (AKA, "The CJ Web Handbook")
The CJ Web Handbook is published electronically through the joint efforts of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority's Research and Analysis Unit and the University of Illinois at Chicago's Office of International Criminal Justice.

The Definitive Guide to Criminal Justice and Criminology on the World Wide Web
Sample chapters only.  

Criminology & Criminal Justice Discussion Lists

Amnesty International
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The Australian Criminal Justice and Criminology mailing list.
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Criminal Justice Discussion List
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Critical Discussion of Crime, Society, and the Politics of Punishment list
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The Firearms-Politics list
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Forensics Discussion list
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The National Crime Survey (NCS) Discussion list
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The Police Discussion List (for sworn police officers)
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The Victim Assistance List
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Criminology & Criminal Justice Announcement Lists

Some mailing lists simply send you information. They do not permit discussion among list members. They are called announcement lists. A number of criminal justice announcement lists provide very useful information. Primary among them are:

FARISLAW Bulletin (includes international and U.S. Supreme Court decisions)
You can subscribe at the FARISLAW home page, or you can send e-mail to: (for the HTML version)
or: (for the text version)
Include the word SUBSCRIBE in the body of your message:

JUSTINFO: The Newsletter of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service
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The Juvenile Justice Newsletter
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Legal Information Institute E-Mail Bulletins

Supreme Court Opinions from the Legal Information Institute
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  CJ & Crim 'Zines and E-Journals

 All Law (Law Journals On-Line)

Alabama Law Review

American Journal of Criminal Justice

American University Law Review

Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin

Cornell Law Review

Florida Law Weekly

Florida State Law Review

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

International Journal of Drug Testing

Journal of Online Law

Law Journal Extra

National Law Journal

Stanford Journal of International Law

University of Colorado Law Review

Villanova Law Review

Washburn Law Journal

Washington Law Review

Washington and Lee Law Review

Web Journal of Current Legal Issues
A bimonthly electronic journal published by Blackstone Press, Ltd., in the United Kingdom, focusing on current legal issues, including judicial decisions, law reform, legislation, legal research, policy related socio-legal research, legal information, information technology and practice.

Worldwide Criminology Journal
Subscribe by sending e-mail to Signe Bengtsson, the journal's originator at:  

Criminal Justice Careers -- General Listings

Corrections Jobs
The Corrections Connection job listing service.

Public Safety Recruitment
Established in 1993 to help you reach your law enforcement career goals. PSR provides information from thousands of paid law enforcement agencies from across the nation.

Police Jobs
Extensive list of police employment sites.

  Government Jobs

FBI Personnel and Employment Page
Information on hiring, recruitment, salaries, and employment statistics.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management
The United States Office of Personnel Management runs a HUGE jobs web site at this address. All kinds of jobs are listed, but a search feature makes it possible to easily find jobs in the criminal justice area.

FedWorld Jobs
The web site contains a series of database files using input from hundreds of human resources people in the federal government. The database allows you to search abstracts of open U.S. federal government jobs., and database is updated every Tuesday through Saturday at 9:30 am EST.

Government Jobs Database of Criminal Justice Employment Opportunities
One of the latest and most up-to-date listings of criminal justice job opportunities.

Ira Wilsker's Law Enforcement Employment Page
An excellent, information rich, jobs site!

Law Enforcement Careers
A full-service career site for those seeking employment in the law enforcement field. Law Enforcement Careers categorizes job information as follows: (1) Federal Law Enforcement Careers, (2) State Trooper Careers, and (3) Correctional Officer Careers. The site also provides separate testing guides, including the Federal Law Enforcement Testing Guide, and the "State and Local Law Enforcement Testing Guide."

The Police Officers' Internet Directory Jobs Page
A very comprehensive listing of current law enforcement jobs. Highly recommended for those seeking law enforcement employment.

The State Police Information Center
A nationwide provider of state and federal law enforcement career information. The interface for this site may be a bit tricky.

  State Job Listings


Criminal Justice Employment Opportunities in California

Berkeley Police Department

Los Angeles Police Department

Sacramento Police Department


Pueblo County Sheriff's Department


Florida Marine Patrol Recruitment Information


Baltimore County


Nashville Police


Spokane Police Department

  Membership Sites

Federal Support Services
This site tells visitors that the federal government employs approximately 100,000 Law Enforcement Personnel, and hires HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of personnel each year!

National Directory of Emergency Services
Your up-to-the-minute source for police department employment opportunities.

The Public Safety Executive Association (PSEA)
A membership site that helps members beginning careers in the field of public safety.


  Career Advice and Resume Posting Services

Career Shop

Dr. Carlie's AdviseNet
A new concept in on-line advising for criminal justice students. Provides users with advice on where the field is going, where to find jobs (includes many job search engines) and much more useful information for students at ANY university. The site is maintained by Dr. Mike Carlie of Southwest Missouri State University.

Matches your resume with the needs of prospective employers

Law Enforcement Employment Services

Police Careers
A professional police resume and career service company

The MonsterBoard  

Security Companies and Related Sites

The CERT Coordination Center
The CERT home page. CERT focuses on computer security concerns for Internet users.

Cisco Systems Network Encryption Services
Cisco Systems, Inc., builds most of the routers that make the Internet possible. This site describes the uses of cryptography in data networking. (Note the underscore in the site name.)

Cryptography for encryption, digital signatures and authentication page
Contains links to information on cryptography, a tutorial on public key encryption for secrecy and a discussion of the debate regarding government control of cryptography.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the civil liberties union of cyberspace.

National Institute of Standards and Technology Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
NIST's computer security resource clearinghouse contains information on numerous security topics, as well as alerts about viruses and other security threats.

RSA Data Security
Site of RSA Data Security Inc, creators of the RSA encryption technology used in Netscape Navigator, Quicken, Lotus Notes, and hundreds of other products.

VeriSign Corporation
The world leader in encryption technologies for individual and commercial use.  

Security Information

The Case for Clipper
An article that appeared in the July 1995 issue of the MIT Technology Review. It was written by Dorothy Denning, a professor of computer science at Georgetown University.

CES Communications
CES home page. CES is a supplier of voice and fax encryptors and data security products.

Clinton Administration statement on commercial encryption policies
This statement describes what it claims is a proposed framework that would encourage the use of strong encryption in commerce and private communications while protecting the public safety and national security. Also provided is a section on the U.S. Cryptography Policy.

Cryptographic product survey
Results of a worldwide survey of cryptographic products.

Cryptography archive
An extensive archive containing links to information on the Clipper chip, computer security issues, encryption policy resources, information liberation organizations, and the Macintosh Cryptography Interface Project.

Data encryption methods
A web-posted paper discussing the many methods used to encrypt data.

Digital Delivery, Inc.
The site of Digital Delivery, Inc., a supplier of encryption tools for documents and software.

Digital Signatures: How They Work
A PC Magazine article exploring principles of digital authenticity, and the U.S. government's proposed Digital Signature Standard.

Entrust Technologies
Entrust Technologies develops software security products for encryption and digital signature. Their home page provides links to product information, a resource library, company press releases, partners, events, FAQs, and web security references.

Fact Sheet - Public Encryption Management
This fact sheet, from the White House, includes the President's directive for "Public Encryption Management."

International cryptography
A site listing international sources of cryptographic software, information on cryptographic methods, algorithms, and protocols. Materials cover encryption, decryption, cryptoanalysis, steganography (hiding information), software, tools, information, and assessments about cryptographic methods.

International PGP home page
Provides up-to-date information about PGP, FAQs, bugs, documentation, and links regarding the latest international PGP versions.

Network Security Buyer's Guide
Provides information about network security, utilities and virus protection. Offers a searchable database of products, links to vendor sites, and a library of white papers, press releases, and product presentations.

Paper on key escrow encryption systems
For the technically minded.

Quadralay's cryptography archive
This archive is a collection of links relating to electronic privacy and cryptography.

Security information and tools
Contains information on security issues, encryption news, and tools for Unix and Windows NT as well as several publications from the National Computer Security Center (NCSC). Another highly technical site.

VeriSign's Secure E-Mail Reference Guide

WebLock encryption
Provides information about WebLock, a software-based encryption process from Peregrine International.

White House Clipper statement, October 1996
This announcement, from Vice President Al Gore, describes the latest version of the key escrow -- now called the "key recovery" -- plan intended to promote legalized government access to encoded communications.

Antivirus Sites and Information

AntiVirus Resources
A wealth of on-line information about the virus problem, with access to recommended antivirus shareware and trial software.

Antivirus Toolkit Pro® (ATP) Virus Encyclopedia
Anything you ever wanted to know about hundreds of viruses.

Dr. Solomon's Antivirus® site
A comprehensive site with software, virus news, and listings of the most common viruses. This worthwhile site can be difficult to reach because of the large number visitors it serves.

New Mexico Highlands University's Computer Virus Information page
Many different types of antivirus information. The site's motto is "Practice Safe Computing."

Sophos Antivirus Center
Includes a virus encyclopedia, virus hoaxes, antivirus software tools, and many other features.

Symantec Corporation's Norton Antivirus® Center
Rated one of the most comprehensive antivirus centers on the web. The site is searchable by keyword.

University of Michigan's Virus Busters page
This site's theme is "We ain't 'fraid 'o No Virus!"  

Antivirus Software on the Web

ARF Anti-Virus
Download evaluation version for Win 95

Dr. Solomon's AntiVirus Toolkit
A popular program. May run a bit slowly on some machines.

F-Prot and F-Prot Professional
Top rated, popular antiviral program

Cheyenne Corporations latest entry into the antivirus market

McAfee Antivirus
One of the best DOS and Windows products available. Shareware.

Norton AntiVirus
Proprietary software, which in Version 4.0 and later may be the most effective antivirus software available.

A Trend Micro site. Scan-mail antivirus software also available to protect your incoming e-mail messages.

IBM Antivirus
For many different operating systems.

Integrity Master
A Stiller Research product. Includes lots of antivirus information

An antivirus program from Intel. Chose the one that right is for your hardware and software.


Macintosh Antivirus Utilities

Dr. Solomon's Find Virus
Evaluation version.

McAfee ViruScan for Mac

Macintosh AntiVirus

Norton/Symantec AntiVirus

One of the Largest collections of antiviral software anywhere. Some files are dated.

ThunderByte Anti-Virus